Pixtrek is a mobile application for travelers. It was established to create “travels” – travel albums based on photos with location. It generates routes, calculates distances and sorts photos by date and location.

Media & Entertainment

Develop a unique app for travelers to help users create travel routes and share memories. 

 It was necessary to organize a suitable storage for photos, so that the photos would be supported on all devices. 

 The biggest tests were Covid-19 and, after that, the War in Ukraine, which slowed down the release and further development of the application.

We’ve developed an app through which travelers can plan their trips, share photos, talk about places of interest, get inspired, and make travel easier. 

 The application was developed in three stages: API UI build with Node.JS, web application build with React.JS + Next.js, cross-platform mobile application build with React Native (iOS + Android).


React Native